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Nextec, a relatively new entrant in the industry, has rapidly become a standout name with just five years under our belt. We specialize in providing top-notch metal sub-framing and technical solutions, proudly catering to our valued clients. Our core specialization lies in the meticulous design and supply of sub-framing systems Made in India, tailored for dry construction applications. Our commitment to excellence and proven experience makes Nextec a trusted partner in delivering innovative and reliable solutions for the construction industry. With our manufacturing unit in Turbhe and warehouse in Uran, we ensure a timely and seamless delivery experience to our clients. Our technical and support team operates from our Goregaon office in Mumbai. Nextec is registered under the MSME segment and is an ISO 9001 certified company.


At Nextec, we have a diverse team comprising individuals from various departments. Our designing team is responsible for crafting the structure and sub-frame, while the execution team ensures the on-site delivery of these designs. Simultaneously, our operations team works diligently to guarantee the seamless flow of dispatches, with each member bringing varied industry experience in their respective fields. Leading the company is Mr. Krishnakumar Menon, an engineer with an MBA and an extensive industry background spanning 23 years. Notably, he has dedicated over 20 years to the dry construction industry, specializing in technical solutions. Co-partner Mrs. Sweta Menon, an MBA and Ph.D in Marketing brings in her expertise in the area of operations, finance and marketing to the company.



Bespoke Systems

The biggest USP of Nextec is our commitment to providing bespoke systems. We willingly and without hesitation customize and adapt our designs, products and systems based on the specific needs of our clients. We always welcome and accept their suggestions for any changes, ensuring a collaborative and responsive approach to meeting their requirements.

Bespoke Systems

Technical Strength

Our team at Nextec has expertise in various software and programs. This includes the creation of structural models and the analysis of these models based on calculations to measure the effects of loads, as well as internal forces (the structure’s own weight) and external forces (such as wind or seismic movements) that may impact the building. This process of modeling and structural analysis is carried out using programs like Staad Pro. Additionally, we excel in drafting or converting the same structural model into 2D format using software such as AutoCAD and into 3D format using Revit.

Industrial Machinery
Technical Strength
Engineers at work

Value Engineering

With our team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers, we deliver practical and enduring value engineered systems while maintaining the cost under the bracket. The systems provided to our clients undergo days of thorough research and analysis under various conditions before being handed over to the them.

Vaue Engineering

Prompt Services

Putting our clients first, our team always ensures timely delivery of our products and services to site. Whether it's providing designs, calculations, materials or solutions, we make certain not to keep our clients waiting.

Image by Morgan Housel
Prompt services
Image by Cytonn Photography

Installation Friendly System

Our product range features advanced systems recognized for their lightweight design and comprehensive coverage of site tolerances. These adaptable solutions effortlessly adjust to onsite challenges, ensuring a seamless response to any issues that may arise.

Installation friendly system


Krishnakumar Menon – Partner & Director

Leading the company, Mr. Krishnakumar Menon holds an Engineering and Management degree from the University of Mumbai. Having an extensive industry background spanning 24 years, he has dedicated over 20 years to the dry construction industry, specializing in technical solutions. Having worked with renowned organisations like Godrej & Boyce, Dorset, Saint Gobain and Rondo Metals, he has developed key technical expertise in sub-framing solutions. With his immense knowledge and understanding of project requirements, his forte is to come up with value engineered solutions and meticulous design for the supply of sub-framing systems.

Mrs. Sweta Menon.jpg

Dr. Sweta Menon – Partner & Finance Controller

Dr. Sweta holds academic degrees which include, PGDBA and Ph.D in Marketing. With over 24 years of work experience, Sweta has worked in Brand Management in companies like Parle Agro and Godrej Appliances. Pursuing her passion for teaching, she has taught for 20 years at various management institutes and international colleges across Mumbai. Sweta is known for her meticulous planning and communication skills. With her experience, she has been instrumental in streamlining the Operations, Finance and Marketing functions at Nextec and making Nextec a known name in the infrastructure segment.





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