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Cold Form Steel Framing

Nextec offers Cold Form steel profiles that conform to IS 15961/AS 1397 standards, featuring a zinc-aluminium alloy coating of AZ150. These profiles are roll-formed and manufactured to custom lengths, specifically designed for structural purposes. The framings, coated with Zinc Aluminium, are used for both internal and external applications. The thickness and depths of these profiles range from 0.5 to 1.2mm and 51 to 150mm, respectively. At Nextec, we specialize in the design and supply of a diverse range of Cold Form Steel Framing, including:

➢ Wall Tracks

➢ Nogging Tracks

➢ Lipped Studs

➢ Curved Tracks

Aluminium Framing System

Nextec specializes in manufacturing custom aluminum profiles that conform to IS 1285/8147 and are available in grades of T6 6063 and 6061. These profiles are manufactured in custom lengths and serve as the primary structure for internal and external dry cladding systems. We provide aluminum profiles with options for either Mill Finish or Anodized Surface finishes.

Concealed Ceiling System

The Nextec Uniframe ceiling system is design with the intent to offer a user-friendly way to construct false ceiling system due to its three-way adjustment system. The system uses a single profile as the primary and secondary runner, allowing the installer to use minimum components to construct the ceiling in a fast and efficient way.

Stone Fixing Accessories

Stone Accessories play a vital role in securing Stone cladding/Quartz cladding with our subframe. What sets Nextec stone accessories apart is their ease of use where stones can be effortlessly removed and adjusted, ensuring quick resolution of any issues encountered on site.

➢ Stone Bracket

➢ M Bracket

➢ Flat Plate Bracket

➢ Stone Clips

➢ C Clamp

➢ Twin Bracket

Framing Accessories

Framing accessories play a crucial role in securing framing according to specific requirements and supporting conditions. At Nextec, we provide a specialized collection of framing accessories meticulously designed by our in-house team of experts. These accessories are crafted to meet the unique requirements of our clients, ensuring a tailored and effective solution for their projects.

➢ Equal Angle Brackets

➢ Unequal Angle Brackets

Framing Screws

Nextec offers a seamless installation process for framing, allowing easy attachment to angle brackets or holding brackets through screw fixation. To cater to diverse needs, we provide fixation screws in various sizes, ensuring a versatile and efficient solution for different framing requirements.

➢ Wafertek Screws

➢ Hex Head Screws

➢ Adjustment Screws

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